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Why Investors should register for 2019 Independence Investment Forum

Image: From Right to Left: President, Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce, Otunba Oluwatoyin Akomolafe and CEO, FootPrint to Africa, Barr. Osita Oparaugo at the Independence Investment Forum Press Conference

By Anayo Ezugwu

The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce, NACC, in partnership with Footprint to Africa, has started the registration for the 2019 The Independence Investment Forum, TIIF, on Monday October 1. The NACC advised  interested business owners to register on (tiif.nigerianamericanchamber.org).

The TIIF is to advance economic cooperation between Nigeria and the United States through promotion of business and services that improve trade relations and prosperity of both nations. The TIIF is an annual event jointly hosted by the NACC and Footprint to Africa, supported by the ministry of foreign affairs and the Embassy of the United States, Nigeria.

At a press conference in Lagos, Oluwatoyin Akomolafe, president, NACC, said the event will hold on October 1, 2019, in commemoration of Nigeria’s 59th Independence anniversary. According to him, the forum is aimed at attracting long term investments into agriculture, power/energy, mining and commodities with focus on American investors and interested parties with presence across the globe. He noted that TIIF 2019 will bring together policy makers, domestic and foreign direct investors, business leaders, expert speakers and other key stakeholders to a single location in Lagos, Nigeria.

Besides, he said the forum will offer a platform for discussing investment needs and goals without the need for investors to travel to various locations in Nigeria to see projects or for Nigerian companies seeking investments to travel to multiple countries to pitch to investors. “We are very excited about the level of enthusiasm we have received from proposed speakers, stakeholders, partners and investors in Africa and across the globe.

“Today, we announce that registration for the independence Investment Forum, TIIF, 2019 is opened from October 1, 2018. Registration will be concluded on a website portal (tiif.nigerianamericanchamber.org). The focus of TIIF upon registration is pivotal as we have created a structure to drive maximum impact in the business space.

“Interested companies, stakeholders and individuals will be able to register to attend the conference and gala night which will feature dedicated networking sessions, Market knowledge sharing, investment pitches, access to expert insight on local and foreign markets among others.

“Interested businesses, companies and organizations doing business in agriculture, power/energy, real estate, mining and commodities and are thinking about either expanding their operations or establishing a presence there can register as TIIF is aimed at attracting long-term investments into those sectors and matchmaking businesses with investors and business leaders with presence in American and across the globe.

“Lastly, Nigeria is a country buzzing with creative energy and blessed with vast resources and opportunities. You can’t claim to do business in Africa if you are not in Nigeria. TIIF offers the opportunity for investors to invest in Agriculture, Power/Energy, Real Estate, Mining and Commodities. Investors can register their investment interest for matchmaking with viable businesses,” he said.

On his part, Osita Oparaugo, chief executive officer, the Footprint to Africa, said the event is supposed to be Nigerian-American business relations programme but it will be opened to global investors. He said the target of the forum is to attract more investments into Nigeria from the United States.

He said the portal will be user-friendly and will also have a portion of it where investors or entrepreneurs looking for opportunities will have space to upload their business plan. He assured investors that the portal will be user-friendly to both local and international investors and partners.

“The registration is strictly on the invitation and we also have to screen the kind of people who come to this event because NACC and Foodprint to Africa are out to get our best to meet the best of the world,” he said.

Source: Real News Magazine


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