The Farmcrowdy app review by Naija Farmers!
Farmcrowdy App Review - How To Farm Online With Farmcrowdy

Like the saying goes, “we cannot have a happy and peaceful continent without food”, Farmcrowdy is set to make the world a happy place by building a vibrant agricultural system, funded by agriculture enthusiasts, to empower farmers and strengthen food security in Nigeria.

“Nigeria has 186 million people and is projected to become the world’s third largest country in the next 30 years. All of these people are going to need food to eat,” said Onyeka Akumah, CEO Farmcrowdy, who sees the revenue potential for agriculture in Nigeria as “Massive”.

Farmcrowdy connects real farmers to real sponsors, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in agriculture.


The Farmcrowdy app is available on the Google Playstore, and on the Apple store. You can register here.

farmcrowdy app review

After a successful download, you are required to register with a valid email address and password. A verification code will be sent to your submitted email address, to render your registration valid. Hit the link, and then you are live.

One cool and interesting thing is that you get a mail from the CEO, Onyeka Akumah, welcoming you the platform, and also, an account manager will be assigned to you, to guide you and put you through, should you need more information or questions related the services they render.

Head back to the app, login with your verified email address and there you go! Welcome to the Farmcrowdy app.

The user interface is so beautifully designed, with the Farmcrowdy green, yes! we love it. Right there on the homepage, you are greeted with some piece of info about your activities so far on the app – your name, date joined and your gravatar. There is a timeline which displays updates from Farmcrowdy, and farm updates from farms you are sponsoring and following. You can like these updates and even share them on Whatsapp, email, and other social media platforms.

You can navigate to other sections of the app with the bottom navigation bar, which could route you to the “Dashboard”, an “Invite” section, the “Farm Shop” (where everything is going down), and your “Profile”.

farmcrowdy app review

On your “Dashboard”, you get to see;

This is where the magic happens, the sponsoring, the details of the farm you would love to follow, sponsor and even more. On this section, a list of all farms available for you to sponsor appears, and you can sponsor as many units as possible. You’d also get to see the potential harvest returns on your investment, the duration of the cycle and the location of the farm. At the end of the cycle, you will be paid your initial sponsorship with returns after harvest. See the Farmcrowdy revenue model here!

farmcrowdy app review

If you are interested in a particular farm, but you do not want to sponsor farm yet, you may choose to follow the farm and get updates and notifications as regards the farm, to enable you to make the right choices.

Available farms to follow and sponsor include cassava farms, soya beans farms, poultry farms, maize farms, rice farms and more.

You can contact the farmcrowdy team here.

Source: NaijaFarmers


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