“Every other field of agriculture has the opportunity to obtain the loan."
Ebonyi govt set to disburse N3bn loan to farmers

By Peter Okutu

Abakaliki—Ebonyi state government yesterday stated that it was getting ready to disburse N3 billion loan to farmers by first week of April this year.

The Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural resources, Moses Ogodoali Nomeh who stated this in his office, added that the loan would be strictly for rice farmers and others, excluding cassava farmers. He however explained that  those owing the  state government  in last year’s farming season would not benefit from this year’s farming season’s loan.

Ogodoali said that the loan will be given according to the capability of each farmer.

According to him, “We are giving loans to farmers of all  cardre in Ebonyi State, but we are considering withholding those of cassava farmers. Cassava  is not being sold in the state currently because   almost everybody has a cassava farm.

“I discovered that cassava planted two years ago have not been harvested. Some are being left in the ground to rot.  A basket of cassava is sold at N150, so there must be a u-turn. We most look for an alternative to cassava.

“Every other field of agriculture has the opportunity to obtain the loan.

“Government has mapped out N3 billion for this loan and it is already with Zenith Bank.The form is free. We have 13 units collection point in the office for the form, that is, each local government has an officer handling it.”

Source: Vanguard Newspaper


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