“There is no government investment in the poultry industry, all the investment in the poultry industry in Nigeria are privately driven investment."
Association seeks enabling environment for Poultry investment

Ene Okwanihe

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has called on the Nigerian Government to create an enabling environment to attract investors to the poultry subsector.

The Director General of the Poultry Association of Nigeria Mr. Onallo Akpa made the call at the occasion of the 2018 World Egg Day celebration with the theme ‘PROTEIN FOR LIFE: Enjoy nutritious, sustainable, affordable eggs at every stage.’

Mr. Akpa says the association works closely with relevant ministries to ensure that they are carried along on policy issues and how they can assist the association to move ahead.

According to the Director General, the poultry industry in Nigeria is privately driven.

“There is no government investment in the poultry industry, all the investment in the poultry industry in Nigeria are privately driven investment, so what government has to do for us and what we are encouraging them to do is to create the enabling environment that will encourage more investment since we have the population, one that will make policies work that is what we appealing to them,” he explained.

The cost of feeding and maintaining birds is quite high which is what determines the price of egg in the Nigerian market.

Mr. Akpa said the government can intervene by addressing some of the issues through making grains in some of the country’s reserve available to poultry farmers at discounted rates.

“We are not saying government should give us money… at every point in time that we have crises in our hands we run to government the price of soya is so high… government give us maize and soya and then we distribute to our farmers and when farmers use it to produce, cost of production comes down and invariably the cost of chicken and egg comes down,” he stated.

Mr. Akpa said many poultry farmers are ready to expand but can’t because they are not sure of getting returns on their investment.

“The objective of this year’s campaign is that every member of the poultry industry can help ensure that the whole world is talking about eggs as a valuable source of protein for every life stage,’’ Mr. Akpa stated

Egg holds hidden economic potentials for the Nigerian economy as it can generate 3.4 billion Naira per annum if each Nigerian consumes one 100 eggs per annum.

Aside breast milk which has 100% of protein content the next food with the high protein content is the egg with 93.7% protein which a person needs through all stages of life which formed the bases for this year’s theme.

Mercy Chukwudiebere

Source: Voice Of Nigeria


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