Deadline: November,10,2018
Apply/Nominate Youths for DigCit SDG awards (FCFA 600,000+ Fully Funded Trip to DigCitSummit Nigeria)


Know anyone who has been using social media and information technology and responsibly? If yes, nominate them or yourself for the Digital Citizenship SDG Awards (#DigCitSDG awards). The DigCitSDGawards will unite, celebrate, reward and support Cameroonian youths who have been using social media and technology to inspire positive change and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . Run by Positive Youths Africa in partnership with the United Nations and other organizations  working for the SDGs in Cameroon, the DigCit SDG awards is going to crown the first edition of the Digital Citizenship Summit, Cameroon (DigCitsummitCM) which is set to hatch a generation of positive digital users.

DigCitSDGawards will therefore long-list and summon 200 candidates from all the ten regions of Cameroon who have demonstrated remarkable efforts in using social media and technology to create solutions to pressing problems ,promote peace and sustainable development while advancing common good; to network, learn, share and grow. All these 200 longlisted candidates would benefit from training on digital citizenship while engaging in workshops, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and all the exciting opportunities that the summit offers.

From these 200 long list of candidates, only 25 outstanding digital citizens shall be shortlisted and rewarded with awards and prizes; based on the strength of their application or nominations from the public, the sustainability of their projects and the depth of their positive impact. Priority shall be given to youths who show great efforts in using social media and technology to promote values (peace,love, gratitude,humility etc) and contribute to one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are equally looking for youths who clearly demonstrate how they intend to use the money or opportunities offered by  DigCit SDGawards to further contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and create positive change in their respective spheres of influence. A few other awards shall be given to the best participants during the summit. We hope through the DigCitSDGawards;

-to inspire all Cameroonian youths to use social media and technology in a safe,savvy, responsible and positive manner.

-to celebrate, reward ,empower and support young positive digital users so that they can better spread the message of digital citizenship.

-to contribute to the sustainable development.

-Self nominations are allowed

Candidate Criteria

–Cameroonian citizens

-Self nominations are allowed.

-Fluent in English or French

-Aged between 15 to 35 years old

-Demonstrate remarkable efforts in using social media and/or technology to advance solutions to pressing problems, promote peace and contribute to one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

-Availability to attend the summit

-A commitment to further spread the lessons learnt and use the prize to contribute to Digital Citizenship and sustainable development within their spheres of influence.


All the 200 longlisted candidates will benefit from the training, panel discussions as well as the wide networks from the summit. However, only 25 of these 200 shall be shortlisted for awards out of which only 3 of the most prominent shall receive cash prizes including a fully funded trip to attend the next DigCitSummit in Nigeria. The first 3 prizes are as follows;


-1st Grand prize: FCFA 300,000 + a fully funded trip to attend the DigCitSummit in Nigeria

-2nd Grand prize: FCFA 200,000

-3rd Grand prize: FCFA 100,000

All the 25 awardees would be given awards and material prizes such as phones and internet packages,etc.

For more information,  visit the DigCit SDG awards page at

Application Procedure

Nominations here

Project Timeline: Applications open on October, 1 and close on November,10,2018.


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