The winner gets one exhibition stand at Vivatech 2019, in Paris.
AI Innovator? Apply for Viva Tech Challenge for Agro-Startups

The Viva Tech global event has thrown a challenge before innovative African startups for the chance of digital transformation in the agricultural sector.

Obviously, Artificial intelligence(AI) has played some major roles in technological innovations over the past years like helping businesses to increase productivity, identifying problem areas and, invariably, making work more efficient.

The agricultural sector should not be left out of this innovation brought by AI which many industries have benefited from. The agriculture industry is in serious need of innovative technologies. The industry faces challenges such as climate impact on local agriculture areas, optimization of limited resources, and problems accessing finance.

However, with AI, these challenges can be minimized and possibly defeated.

“AI in agriculture represents a collection of multiple technologies able to assist prediction and monitoring functions, combined with existing systems and human resources, these technologies can help answer those key challenges,” says Viva Tech

The AI technology put forward should be applicable in the following areas; IoT monitoring, big data, remote sensors, image recognition, soil & assets analysis, weather forecast, as well as micro-finance solutions.


  • The challenge is open to early-stage startups that have been existing for less than 5 years
  • Only startups operating in Africa will be considered
  • The winner gets one exhibition stand at Vivatech 2019, in Paris
  • The first runner-up gets a pitching slot for your startup at the same event
  • While the second runner-up gets two Vivatech 2019 tickets
How to apply

If you can apply artificial intelligence to tackle problems in the agricultural industry, then head to the website to apply. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, September 1, 2018.

NB: Startups registering for the challenge have to follow this procedure when sending in their submissions.

Send a short video with two topics. First is the startup presentation, and the second is how do you solve the problem? They must be in mpg, mpeg, mp4, or mov file format. Max file size is 10MB. You can also share a “Wetransfer” link or a Youtube video instead.

Deck pitch: 8 slides max (ppt, pdf) – Max file size, 10MB

Source: SMEPeaks


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