On our mission to democratize venture capital and increase investment in the food and agriculture industry, our fund is open to accredited investors as well as institutional investors, and we already have commitments from both.
AgFunder Opens New Food Tech/AgTech Fund to Investors, Commitments Reach $2.7m in 2 Days

On Tuesday, 23rd Oct. 2018,  AgFunder opened the second co-investment fund to give investors — both big and small — an opportunity to invest alongside AgFunder and other leading VCs in the next generation of bold and exceptional entrepreneurs transforming our food and agriculture system.

In the first two days, they had over $2.8 million $4 million in commitments from dozens of individual investors and family offices, including new commitments from over 25% of investors in the Co-Investment Fund I. In addition, they also had interest from food and agriculture corporates, Sovereign Wealth Funds, even other VC funds that we’ll be meeting with up until the close on November 30.

So how has the investment team been doing? Over the past year, they have grown the investment portfolio to eleven food tech and agtech companies including The Yield, Brightseed, Solinftec, ImpactVision, Connectera, Trace Genomics, Aerobotics, Chinova Bioworks, and Cambridge Glycosciences

These are some of the most talented entrepreneurs seen in the sector over the last six years. They have invested with top VCs including TPG’s ART fund, Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures, Data Collective, Acre Venture Partners, Felicis Ventures, DSM Ventures, Fifty Years, Tiger Global, KPMG, Bosch and more. Five of this portfolio companies are already out raising up-rounds. They believe this is one of the most exciting, and high potential agrifood tech portfolios anywhere, and we have a great deal pipeline for Fund II.

AgFunder has a unique model that’s democratizing venture capital. Based in Silicon Valley with over 55,000 members and subscribers, AgFunder has a deal pipeline like no other and one of the most powerful global networks to support our portfolio companies. We build proprietary algorithms and AI to help identify the best companies and to support our investment process. And we’re backed by some of the best in the industry: our investors and advisors include Sid Gorham of Granular, Kip Tom who has been nominated as the U.S. Ambassador to the UN for Food and Agriculture, Jason Camm of Thiel Capital, ex-portfolio managers at BlackRiver, and C-level executives at some of the largest food and agriculture companies in the world.

The AgFunder Co-Investment Fund II is open to non-U.S. investors, but all investors must meet the Accredited Investor requirements. The fund will close by November 30, 2018. Reservations can be held for seven days to give investors time to review the documents. The available allocations remaining are below. The fund presentation, FAQ, and investment docs can all be found here.

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