Deadline of the qualification phase is 3:00 p.m. GMT+8 on April 30, 2019
2019 Future Food Challenge

1. Introduction

Home to a quarter of the world's population, the South-East Asia has the second highest burden of foodborne diseases per population. In this region, foodborne diseases are responsible for 150 Mio illnesses and 175,000 deaths annually [Source: WHO].

In order to protect consumer health and lower the risk of foodborne incidents Bühler has recently launched the freemium service to create additional intelligence on food-safety related events such as product recalls, foodborne outbreaks or fraudulent activity.

The service continuously monitors thousands of data sources, including official databases, social media, news and others, and alerts users in close to real-time about any evidence related to foodborne outbreaks, product recalls or food fraud.

This contest may consists of two phases: the qualification and the finals. Specific timelines and regulations are as follows:

1.1. The Qualification (April 1, 2019 – April 30, 2019 GMT+8)

After successful registration, contestants can download data from Tianchi platform, debug the algorithms and prepare the reports locally.

The deadline of the qualification phase is 3:00 p.m. GMT+8 on April 30, 2019. All contestant should submit their works before this deadline to ensure it can be timely reviewed by the jury. After reviewing all the submitted works, the top 6 teams will be selected and invited to the finals.

1.2. The Finals (June 2-4, 2019)

The finals will take the form of team presentation and defense. Specific arrangements will be informed later.

Contestants should prepare materials for the finals in advance, which may include but not limited to: slides for presentation, summary of the research, and core codes of the algorithms. The organization committee will calculate a comprehensive score for each team based on their algorithms, codes and reports.

The awards ceremony will take place at Future Food Asia 2019 on June 3-4, 2019.

2. Participation Eligibility

2.1. The contest is open to the public.

2.2. Contestants may form a team of 1 to 5 members to participate.

2.3. Employees of ID Capital, Bühler and Alibaba Cloud should not compete in this contest.

3. Registration

3.1. Registration time: from February 28, 2019 to April 10, 2019. The registration entrance will be closed and team change will be disabled at 9:00 a.m. on April 10, 2019 GMT+8.

3.2. Registration rules: A contestant team may include one to five members. The registration information must be correct and valid. Any false information or cheating behavior will lead to disqualification for ranking and awarding.

3.3. Registration method: Contestants can log on to the Tianchi platform with the Alibaba Cloud account. Click here to get: Detailed Registration Instruction

4. Awards

The following prizes are made out to the top 6 teams of this contest:

1x First prize: USD $10,000

2x Second prize: USD $2,500 each

1x Internship opportunity at Bühler Switzerland

5. Organizers

About ID Capital

ID Capital is an investment company headquartered in Singapore specialized in the domain of AgriTech and FoodTech in the Asia-Pacific region. ID Capital is a pioneer in the agrifood sector in Asia-Pacific and has contributed effort and capital in also catalyzing the ecosystem in the region through its Future Food Asia platform launched in 2016. Its thesis is built on the fact that in this growing vertical, Asia-Pacific is the nexus between high growth and high stakes. ID Capital is also an Appointed Partner for Startup SG Equity for the AgriFood sector.

For further enquiries please write to

About Bühler

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Two billion people each day enjoy foods produced on Bühler equipment; and one billion people travel in vehicles manufactured with parts produced with our machinery. Countless people wear eye glasses, use smart phones, and read newspapers and magazines, all of which depend on Bühler process technologies and solutions. Having this global relevance, we are in a unique position to turn today’s global challenges into sustainable business. We want every human being to have access to healthy food. We want to do our part to protect the climate with energy-efficient cars, buildings, and machinery. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.”

Bühler invests up to 5% of turnover into research and development. In 2018, over 13,000 employees generated a turnover of CHF 3.3 billion. As a Swiss family-owned company, Bühler is active in in 140 countries around the world and operates a global network of 30 production sites.

For further enquiries:
Burkhard Böndel, Head of Corporate Communications,
Bühler AG, 9240 Uzwil, Schweiz
Phone: +41 71 955 33 99
Mobile: +41 79 515 91 57

Source: Alibaba Cloud TIANCHI


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