Anyone can register (you don’t have to be a university graduate, highly educated, or even have an existing enterprise of your own)
Startup Founder? Apply for STREETCEOs, a 24-hr Reality TV Screening Globally this Year

STREETCEOs is a reality TV showdesigned to give tech-startup founders a platform to network with panels of VCs and Angel investors, pitch their ideas, prove their validation and access funding. It is a bi-annual tech-startup academy that presents an opportunity to understand what experienced investors think of African startups,  connect and know how to stands up to the competition.

Our programs bring together the best elements of the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley, leading tech corporations, disruptive startups, business incubators, R&D centres, venture capital firms, angel investors, service providers, universities and top industry experts.

StreetCEO’s mission is to accelerate Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by empowering 10 startups and 5 Runner-ups for each season.

StreetCEOs Reality TV Show - Smepeaks.comGoals/Benefits

  • To provide a networking platform for high-tech entrepreneurs coming to Africa from different countries and variety of ethnic backgrounds
  • To match cool start-up ideas with hot venture capital investors, Angel investors, corporate partners and help grow global companies
    To educate, showcase and support entrepreneurs in Africa
  • To enhance all aspects of the technology partnership between Africa and the World
Startup categories

FinTech, Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT), Clean Tech, Wearable Tech, Robotics, Food Tech, AgricTech, eCommerce, VOIP, VideoTech, InsurTech, other startup category leveraging technology to accelerate their process.

Target Participants

  • Nerds/Millenias who have scalable ideas (i.e already have the design template of concept) but lack funding to begin
  • The startup Junkie having crazy concepts that already setup but needed to take it to the next level of it being monetized
  • Applicants could be individuals or groups
  • Anyone can register (you don’t have to be a university graduate, highly educated, or even have an existing enterprise of your own)
Rules Of Engagement

Housemates are responsible for their feeding/chores. Weekly stipends shall be given to test leadership, innovative, multi-tasking, money management, persistence and behavioural tendencies of selected applicants.

  • The Whole Idea: The boot camp is a training ground STREETCEOs Angels will be giving surprises to housemates weekly
  • Eviction Rules Dynamics: Zero tolerance for hate speeches, fighting and stealing

STREETCEOs a 24hrs reality TV  for the African ecosystem but plans are for it to be duplicated globally. Registration is currently ongoing. If you are interested, apply immediately.

Source: SMEPeaks


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