Farm tools are the equipment that are used in the processes of land preparation.
Farm tools and their uses

Farm tools and their uses. 

Farm tools are the equipment that are used in the processes of land preparation. There are different types of such tools. We start our overview with hand tools.

These tools are usually light, one can use them manually, without the help of machinery or animals. Usually they are used for cultivating small areas or backyard-garden farming.

The examples of simple farm tools and their uses:

- Bolo 

Bolo tool


This tool is usually used to cut tall weeds and grasses or chopping branches of trees.

- Crowbar

Crowbar tool


One can dig holes, with the help of this tool, or dig out stones or stumps. It can also be used as a lever arm.

- Pick-Mattock

Mattock tool


It is a very useful tool to dig and break stones.

- Grab-hoe

Grab hoe tool


This tool helps to brake hard topsoil.

- SpadeSpade tool


For removing soil or trash, dig canals and so on.

- Shovel 

Shovel tool

With the help the shovel one can quickly remove any trash, dig, move and mix the soil.

- Rake

Rake tool


To clean the ground and level the topsoil.

- Spading Fork

Fork tool


It is used for digging out roots, loosening the soil or turning the materials in the compost heap.

- Light Hoe

Farm hoe

It is used for leveling and loosening soil or digging the furrows for planting.

- Hand Trowel

Trowel tool


For loosening the soil around plants.

- Hand Cultivator

Cultivator tool


It is used for cultivating garden plot and removing the weeds.

- Hand fork

Farm fork


This is the tool for inter-row cultivation.

- Pruning Shears

Shears tool

A great tool to cut branches of trees and bushes.

- Axe 

Farm ax


It helps to cut big size branches.

- Knife

Knife tool


A universal tool for cutting.

- Sprinklers

Sprinklers tool

The tool for watering plants.

- Sprayers

Spray tool

Used for spraying insecticides.

- Wheelbarrow

Wheel tool

It is used to remove trash, haul fertilizers, manures, planting materials, and other things.

- Sickle

Sickle tool


This is well known and ancient hand-held agricultural tool that have curved blade, it is used for cutting weeds.

The next category of farm tools are machinery and technological tools:

- Tractor

Farm tractor


This is a vehicle that is specially designed to haul different types of loads or agriculture equipment and constructions.

- Cultivator

Farm cultivator


This is a kind of secondary tillage. The machine in most cases is equipped with rotary motion. It is used to remove the weeds or pulverize and stir the soil before planting.

- Cultipacker

Farm packer


This is the equipment that is used to crush soil clods, press small stones, remove air pockets and so on.

- Plough

Farm plough


One of the most ancient agricultural tool. The function of this tool is to cultivate the soil, to prepare it for sowing. Traditionally the tool was pulled by an animal, in modern times, it is pulled by a tractor. The tool can be made of different materials, the types of construction may also be different but the main part is the blade that cuts the soil and loosens it.

- Harrow or Set of Harrows

Farm harrow


This is the tool for smoothing out and breaking up the surface of the soil.

- Subsoiler

Farm subsoiler

The tool is tractor-mounted equipment that is used to break up and loosen the soil while deep tillage. It is used to improve growth of crops in the areas where the soil compaction is a problem. 

- Irrigation Sprinkler or Water Sprinkler

Farm irrigation

A tool that is used to irrigate a field of crops, it allows to irrigate big areas and maintain the needed level of humidity.

- Agricultural Roller

Farm roller

It is used for breaking up large clumps of soil, or flattening land. The roller is pulled by a tractor.

- Seed Drill

Farm drill


This is the tool that is used for sowing seeds of crops. The tool allows sowing the seeds at needed, equal distance and proper depth.

These are the pictures of farm tools and their uses, the list consists of the most needed tools for every farmer. We hope that this information will be useful to you.



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